Monday, December 21, 2009

shayer minta maap:(

i want to dedicate this entry to sumone..act i can say that he's one of my closet fren :).. we have been knowing each other almost 9 months....many things that we shared together...and i luve to make fren with him..:)..he such a nice guy...even he always make me angry,with seturn things that can't be write at this blog :)k..huhu ,

what i like about him is he's willing to apologize for any mistake that he's done.It's hard to find a man who's know he's wrong and saying 'saya minta maaf'..he's different with other man that i know..

i dun know why everytime we r sms'ing, the ending is "silent fighting". I'm so sorry for that. I felt angry when u r not replying my sms and act u did it but be'coz the server is s****, so i put the blame on u.and many more.there's between u and me only k..sorry for that..sorry again..

Khusairi, sorry 4 everthing that i've done ...that day on 17th dec, i felt so damn, there's no want understand what i wants,and i put my anger on u..i'm
asking for ur opinion, but i spoiled it..u helps me a lot, i'll appreciate everthing that u gave to me....sorry again..

ur words make me realize...and i admit it..if u willing to accept my apologize..please text me...if u don't..i understand k...

~i'm so sorry...:(~
~sy minta maaf~
~dui bu ji~
~pian er..~

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mask of zoro said...

hahahaha..biar mamat tuh x maafkan ko..sape suh jahat sgt