Friday, September 30, 2011


hye olllsss!!! hope u guys are having a great time during these few days! semester oleady come, many things need to b arrange, d messy timetable, assignment need to submit, koko need to attend, insert delete subject, section changes !owh i really hate this okey!!!!..

if im d top management in my faculty, i will design a system that can arrange all this stupid things n make it easy to everyone .......doing their task!n ofkossssss!!!, not burden my students!!!!yess i will do it as if im d TOP MANAGEMENT! emmmmmmmmmmm

i dunno y i felt so sad tonite...till this entry i wrote on, i felt like there's no tommorrowww, is still have a tommorrowwww?, did i still get d chance? to know u??. to do what i wanna do?.. i felt like im doing a big sin to someone that i guess that they really need sorry..i dunno y im acting like this...

i can't look back..i must forward to archive what i not dat u r not my priority, but u always in my heart..ur guys are d greatest gift that i 've got since im entered UTHM.. im really appreciate u trying to b d besh..but i know, i me,, im not perfect..

im broke d promise that i've made wif u!..thats d big mistake dat i've done..!i really im realize..i always taking care for u guys..from far..ur guys always in my heart..i awaz pray d besh 4 u guys..

Ya Allah, kuatkan la hati kami ,, berikanlah jalan yg benar untuk kami tempuhi di alam pengajian ini, sekiranya ini ujian yg akan kami tempuhi..bimbing lah kami Ya ALLAH, terangkan lah hati kami, lindungi kami daripada terpengaruh dgn anasir2 luar..berikanlah kesihatan yg baek kpd kedua ibu bapa kami....Amin