Sunday, June 17, 2012

~Rindu~ all i come again...act i've got many things to do, but dunno where to start..there still got 2 paper to is still running bebeh!! i wonder.y paper ppc perlu 25hb...i need to go out of this atmosphere as soon as possible oke..i cant wait to spend my 2 months holiday wif my family, my frens oke!.

ok..when i write this entry, i remind u..when i miss u, i will look up all the entry about u, all the pic u taken from d previously, oh i really miss u sgt2... i dun care what it takes. the deal is deal..i made the deal and u made d promise. so jz wait and see. i dun care whats d result... i know everything happen for a reason.

if u read this entry, i wanna said that i really bogo shipta!!!! will u bogo shippo me too ? i wanna tell u that i viewed ur fb, twiterr, fotopages, wordpress and all d related wif u..even it is protected.. so i dun care, by viewing all this... i alive.. i alive wif those memories...

how are u recently? ur bzday is coming soon.. i hope u'll get a good healthty, prosperity( betul ke ejaan neh?hahaha), gain a lots of money ( as ur wish ), and everythg yg good je la..

i hate u when all the things will remind me of u..damnn oke!

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