Monday, January 30, 2012

-jgn terlalu berharap-

salam to all readers!hope today is better than yesterday! lately , i felt so stress, thinking about final exam result, it will be okey or it worst than what i thought! so far result oleady out, but officially result with cpa n cgpa is not publish yet!

okey!to b honest!im not satisfied with one of d subject that i took last semester! that subject is technical writting..okey in this subject, the task, the assignment that been given from lecturer has been done perfectly?oh not perfect..okey-okey laa.. we all work together as a team, as lecturer didn't publish our carry mark, i think mybe we can score on the rest is for final..jz do our besh as we can! so far!i did it in final.. even thought some of my classmate oleady got the tips n have much time to stdy the questions that will be out in d final, so they have extra mark..or bonus la kan?cz da dapat soalan awal2 so ley la stdy awal..

but me oso sempat jugak la tgk soalan itu n skema be4 masuk exam hall..i think overall soalan xsusah mane, xhard mane..i can manage my time n answer all de questions given..but when i c d result tadi pagi?ohw i felt like ...nk punch laju2 muke seseorang!

okey mybe korang ckp..ala da stdy takat tuh..dpt result pon takat tuh la..fair n square la kan?..but penah x korang pk yg..u supposed to get more that this!more than this!!i cant accept this!meroyan sebentar!kepala pusing memikirkan..i do mesej my lecturer, but he didn't reply my least he said: u deserve that marks..okey that shuld b okey! least reply my mesej!i feel depreesed!frustrated!how come i get this mark?

im not saying that im too great or too pandai to get an A, but at least not that gred okey!majority in my class can get gud mark..y not me?y me not included!at least!aku nk tgk paper aku..ape yg aku wat smpai dpt gred tuh!!i really cant accept this!

but once i think!mybe Allah nk aku belaja bersyukur n terima seadanya..aku pk mgkin aku dapat rezeki di sini, mybe Allah nk tlg aku d kemudian hari..aku bertafakur sebentar!aku memikirkan semulaa..kenapa sbb dpt gred tuh aku jadi lemah?!ye aku lemah..sbb itu subject BI, ia scr xlgsung bg efect yg ckup besar!sbb i need to re-take my muet test!so bile dpt gred tuh!!automatically, my mood goes down, i dun have any spirit yet!my confidence level thp buku lali dah!im not deserve that gred!im not!!

but i realize!sume da tertulis!mgkin aku d careless kat mane2..untuk sdpkan hati..terima sume..smpai xmkn nasikk..aku xde mud..tapi aku terpakse berpura-2?what d hell!!!! emba sedara dtg..ley tgk muke aku yg mudy!mmg aku mudy!aku stresss!even pointer laen okey..aku sedeyy..da cct da result aku..YA Allah..npe aku xbersyukur neh!cube la bersyukur!ye aku insan lemah.sgt2 lemah

aku mgharapkan dean list!ye aku mmg berharap!tapi aku xdpt kecap!aku sgt sedey!tiap sem ade jek yg mncacatkan result aku!ye mngkin slh aku,,aku xberusaha aku asik kua merayap nek moto, ye aku byk huhahuha..tapi huhahuha aku, aku still lagi ingt Allah, aku still lagi stdy..mgkin aku xberusha lebey!ye mungkin..

aku stress sgt2 ari neh!xtaw npe!i need to cheer up sket!!!i hope tommorow bring me happiness n buang segala kesedihan neh jejauhH!!\

rileks la pointer still ag 3 n above!!tolong berusaha ag sem depan!!!


IdaRaida said...

jgn la sdey syg...
insyaALLAH ad rezeki len..
sem depan kita usaha sama2 ye.

~nur adibah~ said...

sedang..sume sudah tertulis..terima seadanya!
yup!aja-aja fight!!!!!