Wednesday, June 22, 2011

result oH RESULT!!!

salam to all!!hoping that today u guys had a great day!wonderful day!!!and for sure!plz smile..jz smile okey?hehe..

i dunno wat happen to UTHM system..why it's take too long to submit our final exam result??...everyday! i opened my UTHM link~but the answer still d same....KEPUTUSAN PEPERIKSAAN ANDA BELUM LAGI DISAHKAN OLEH PIHAK SENAT!...oh noo....

okey, we ended our exam earlier than others U okey... but why their result appear oleady n not our result??...oho oho!..

to UTHM!plz2!!!!!!!we want our result plzz!!!!

( bluring)


mrS pinu said...

ohhh..aku xcara lgsg pk

~nur adibah~ said...

aku pom da mls pk!!aku ase dekat abes citi bru die kua laaa.huhu