Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hye ..to all readers..1st of all..thank you so much to ALLAH S.W.T for giving me a chance living in this world... a world that full of surprised, full of challenge...full of everything..everything that we can't predic at all...etc..whatever.....

It's been a year...since I left my diploma study, I break-up, I left my work as a teacher, I left my work as clerk, I left my work as QC..and now I'm here..continuing my study in degree...here..my life totally changed.. my feeling towards on you will never change until the end of my life, until I still alive in this world, until you keep me in ur heart, until you wants me to be with you even it is possible..*_y..

Yeah! I think I'm did it..but I failed...it's only take a minutes to be in love with someone you like..but remember it's take the rest of your life to forget someone that you love..love is blind..blind is love..what the meaning to be loved..or you love?..only true love will answer all that questions..stupido questions..

Do you know that I'm suffered right now..I'm keep thinking of you...Owh I really miss you..damn you..damn you..do you know what the meaning by love????now I tell you..love is stupid..got it?..love is stupid..I repeat..Love is stupid..Why? you will never know dear..until someday when you get hurts by love..then you will know..how the feeling..how the feeling when the one you love is not belong to you anymore...that day, when it happen to you..than you'll realise...the hurts, the pain.. that you get..

I want it over..Ya Allah..please forgive me..please give me a strength to forget someone that not deserve to get my love..Ya Allah, jika aku jatuh cinta lagi, jatuh cintakan aku pada hambaMu yang mencintai diriMu lebih dari mencintaiku..agar dapat ku menambahkan keimananku padaMu Ya Allah..hambaMu yang lemah ini..aku sering leka dalam menjalankan ibadah ku padamu Ya Allah..berikan daku peluang..untuk menjadi insan yang sempurna..bimbing daku Ya Allah...

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin

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